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Superior Landscaping Maintenance in Lees Summit, Blue Springs and Independence, MO

What landscaping maintenance services do we offer?

What makes a home stand out from all the others in your neighborhood? Lucky for you, we know the right answer, and that is having perfectly trimmed trees and shrubs with vibrant flowerbeds bursting with colors and, of course, having a thick green lawn. This is where our expert team knows how to get the best results in maintaining your yard. We provide trimming, mulching, pruning, and seasonal cleanup. Our premium landscaping services are the perfect solution to enhancing the look of your home or business.

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Why is landscape maintenance important?

It affects the health of your plant life.

The key to having a healthy yard is to consistently give it the nutrients it needs to flourish throughout every season. One way to help keep the soil retaining water and deter weeds is to add mulch. Mulch is a great asset to your yard as it also keeps a balanced temperature in the soil, and if that’s not enough, it gives your yard a clean, crisp appearance which adds to the perfect curb appeal.

It affects the appearance and value of your property.

If you have a commercial business, you know how important it is to keep bushes and trees well maintained as you always want to give a potential customer the best first impression. This is true for your home as you may be considering selling your home, and you want that potential buyer to put your house above the rest when making that important decision of buying a new home. Did you know you could increase the value of your home by 15% when you have a lawn maintenance service? Our goal is to enhance your home and bring superior landscape maintenance straight to your door.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional lawn maintenance service?

When it comes to pruning, trimming, mulching, and seasonal cleanup, having a landscape maintenance service will definitely save you time and money. Let’s think about this; first, we have to have all the right equipment for any size trees and shrubs that need trimming or pruning. Next, do you really want to haul mulch from the garden store and then spend a weekend spreading it around your yard? Lastly but most important is your valuable time, so why not sit back and enjoy watching our dependable team create the yard of your dreams!

Why choose G & G Property Care?

The Reed family started this business with a clear vision of bringing the best customer service to Independence, Blue Springs, and Lees Summit communities. Our goal was to listen to our customer’s needs and bring them a level of quality service that would far surpass anything they could imagine. Our licensed and insured team also offers power washing, lawn care, snow removal, and lawn maintenance. We are ready to bring the best customer service to Jackson County and the surrounding areas.

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