G & G Property Care wants to share some of the best tips for power washing with Blue Springs, Independence, and Lees Summit, MO.

Every homeowner wants to have that one house that just stands out from all the others on the block. Maybe it’s a lush green lawn accented by flowerbeds filled with Black-eyed Susans or Virginia Bluebells. Although it could be that they have kept up with maintaining their home by regularly pressure washing their driveway or patio.

Did you know a great way to increase the value of your home is to keep it well maintained? Whether it’s pressure washing or soft washing, you need to make sure that you stay ahead of any cleaning so that your home doesn’t get damaged due to all the elements of weather it has to withstand throughout the year. That’s why we are ready to give you some of the best ways to enhance your home with power washing.

What are the advantages of power washing?

Keeping your home or business well maintained is vital to preserving it so it doesn’t deteriorate over the years and cause you to have to repair and replace areas that could have easily been kept clean with power washing.

Did you know that mold and algae can form on your siding and roof if you don’t properly maintain them? The mold can eat away at the exterior paint and cause rot that ultimately will create areas that need to be replaced and take away from your monthly budget.

How do you prepare an area for power washing?

Before you even start to pressure wash, you should take a broom or leaf blower and remove any debris from the driveway, sidewalks, or patio. You don’t want anything flying up and creating a hazardous condition. If you have any rust or oil stains on the concrete, you may want to apply a concrete detergent for approximately ten minutes before starting any pressure washing.

If the areas are close to any plants, be sure to cover them as you may be using a solution that can cause damage. Of course, as soon as you are finished, remove the covering so that your plants don’t overheat.

What are the best safety tips when pressure washing?

Most homeowners think that pressure washing can be a relatively easy task on the weekend, but it can be dangerous when you don’t follow specific safety tips. Did you know that the water stream coming out of a pressure washer on the lowest setting can cut through the skin? That’s why you must wear protective gear like goggles, gloves, and closed shoes when handling a pressure washer.

You always want to make sure you are using the correct nozzle as you can cause pieces of the concrete to chip off, which can cause extensive damage and a hazardous condition.

Another important safety measure is to be sure you keep children and pets safe by using a cleaning detergent that is biodegradable and orally non-toxic. It also is a good idea to keep children away from any areas you may be cleaning. The best safety tip is to have our experienced team do the job for you, as we have the proper equipment know the best way to use it!

How do you choose the perfect pressure washer?

When choosing pressure washers, you need to think about what areas you will be cleaning and how much power is needed to get the best results. A pressure washer runs on a PSI rating: the bigger the rating, the faster it will get those surfaces clean. If you want to clean a driveway, then you would look for a PSI rating of 2,000-3,000. There are gas and electric options, but keep in mind that there will be more maintenance if you choose gas.

Another part of the equipment is the interchangeable nozzle. The nozzles come in red, yellow, green, and white. The red nozzle has the strongest flow and needs to be at the proper distance, or it can cause damage. Whereas the yellow has a narrow flow and works great to remove mildew on surfaces, The most commonly used nozzle is the green as it has a wide spray and is excellent at removing grime from driveways and sidewalks. If you want a gentle flow, the white nozzle will give outstanding results on your windows and cars. No matter what type of equipment you choose, always think safety first.

How do you get the best results when power washing?

A good rule to follow is always tests an area where no one can see it just in case you have trouble working the equipment. Next, try to keep the proper distance from the surface as you don’t want to cause any damage. You should never be closer than six inches as it can chip away at the concrete. The best distance is approximately 18 inches, as this will give you excellent results and cut down on any risk of damage. Be sure to work the area in a sweeping motion and never concentrate the flow in one spot for a long time.

How do you know if you should pressure wash or soft wash?

To clean an exterior surface, you need to make sure you are using the proper process. Let’s say you have screens or a cedar shake roof; then, a soft wash would bring you the best results and not cause any damage to the surface. If you have a driveway or walkway, then a pressure washer would be your best choice.

Should I hire a professional to handle power washing?

Our experienced team can help take the guesswork out of what type of cleaning you need for your home or business. So whether you need to have a dumpster corral, parking lot, or driveway cleaned, we are committed to bringing you quality services at competitive pricing. It’s time to let us bring sparkle into your life!