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Spectacular Seasonal Cleanups in Independence, Blue Springs, Lees Summit, and their surrounding areas.

What is included in seasonal cleanups?

Getting your yard ready for every season can become overwhelming, especially if you are trying to handle all the household chores on the inside of your home too. Our reliable team knows some of the best ways to transition between the different seasons, along with giving you back some valuable time. Our services include the removal of leaves, branches, and debris, as well as curbside pickup. We are ready to get your business or home looking its best while preparing it for the upcoming seasons and all the weather conditions ahead. We are determined to bring you quality services at competitive pricing.
Seasonal Cleanups - G&G Property Care

Why are seasonal cleanups important?

Curb Appeal

If you are looking to jumpstart your yard into having a fantastic growing season, then consistently doing seasonal cleanups will give you the best results. By identifying your yard needs before each season, you are helping to create a healthy atmosphere for years to come. Another advantage is that it helps increase your home’s value by giving it a clean, fresh appearance.

Protect Your Turf!

Seasonal cleanups are the perfect time to add mulch to areas that may have thinned out so that your yard is protected for the upcoming season. It is also a great time to make sure leaves are removed from your yard as they can cause diseases to form on the grass if left alone in winter. The best way to sum up seasonal cleanup is that it allows a window of opportunity to ensure your yard is properly maintained and ready to tackle the upcoming season.

Should you hire professionals to do seasonal cleanup?

If you are like most homeowners, your plates are constantly spinning. Whether it’s family, work, school, or chores, there never seems to be enough time. So why not leave the seasonal cleanup to a professional? We can provide a quick solution to getting everything done, from the removal of leaves to aeration. Can’t you just see it? No more worrying about getting the house ready for the holidays while trying to finish outside cleanup. We know that growing your business is the top priority for all our commercial customers, so why not let us take care of making sure the outside of your building has a professional appearance for all the great business coming your way!

Why is G&G Property Care the best choice?

The Reed family is committed to providing premium lawn maintenance services to Jackson County. Their hard work and integrity shine through on every job they complete. They feel what separates them from the competition is they treat every home like it’s their own. They pride themselves on always providing quality work and have a keen eye for every detail. Their goal is to help beautify the communities of Blue Springs, Independence, and Lees Summitt.

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