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Outstanding Power Washing in Lees Summit, Blue Springs, and Independence and their surrounding areas.

What is included in our power washing ?

Living in Missouri, you know that weather can take its toll on the exterior of your home or commercial building. We offer superior pressure and soft washing for all different surfaces. So whether it’s walkways, driveways, screen enclosures, roof cleaning, patios, outdoor play areas, commercial parking lots, restaurant dumpster enclosures, or house washing, we are ready to bring you premium services at competitive pricing.
Power Washing - G&G Property Care

What is important to know about power washing?

It adds curb appeal!

The key to increasing the value of your home or having that perfect curb appeal is keeping the exterior of your home well-maintained. If you want to give the exterior of your home or business a clean, fresh look, then cleaning outside surfaces will help to preserve the area and also add to that perfect curb appeal.

The right amount of pressure matters!

When choosing whether to use a pressure washer or soft wash, you need to make sure that you won’t damage the area. Let’s say you want to clean a cedar shake roof or screens; then, soft washing will bring the best results. Whereas if you want to clean your driveway, then a pressure washer will be the better solution. Always keep in mind that pressure washers have a very high flow rate, and when operating the machine, you want to make sure that you aren’t too close to any surface as it can cause damage. A great reason to have our experienced team do the job for you!

It protects your property!

Did you know that algae and mold can form on your roof and siding and, if not properly maintained, can cause extensive damage to your home and create a potential safety hazard? The mold can also eat away at the paint and cause decay and rot to the surface. The best way to alleviate problems is during seasonal cleanups; take a walk around and see if you need to take care of any problems before the next season.

Why should you hire professionals to take care of your power washing?

The most important part of having a professional handle your power washing is that they bring a level of knowledge about which cleaning will get you the best results. They also have the proper equipment and can utilize it correctly so the job can get done safely and without damaging anything on a home or building.

Why is G & G Property Care the best choice for power washing?

Located in Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Independence, or their surrounding areas? Then our licensed and insured team wants to bring sparkle to your home or business! We are committed to keeping up with all elements of weather that can cause damage to your property. We identify what areas need to be maintained and suggest whether pressure or soft wash will bring you better results. Our goal is to keep the exterior of your home or business shining! Call today for a free estimate!

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