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Quality Lawn Maintenance in Blue Springs, Independence, Lees Summit, and the surrounding areas.

What is included in our lawn maintenance services?

The key to a healthy yard is consistently maintaining it throughout every season. This is where our reliable team is ready to bring you premium lawn maintenance services that can fit any budget. Whether it’s blowing, trimming, mowing, or edging, our goal is to give you the yard of your dreams. Our experienced team knows that having a healthy yard is the foundation for increasing the value of your home and giving you the perfect curb appeal.
Lawn Maintenance - G&G Property Care

Why is lawn maintenance important?

When you properly maintain your yard, you create a healthy environment for your lawn to flourish. If you want your lawn to retain water and have a great growing season, you should always have the grass at least two inches high. This will also help to deter weeds and give you that lush green appearance.

It raises your property value.

Did you know that lawn maintenance service can increase the value of your home by 15%? Having your home look its best is our top priority as we treat every home like it’s our own.

The look of your business matters!

If you are a commercial customer, we know how important it is always to make a great first impression. That’s why our dependable team is ready to spring into action and make the exterior of your building look its best. With all the commitments that a business owner has on a given day, why not let us do the job for you.

Why should you hire a professional lawn maintenance service?

Extra time!

Having our reliable team provide you with premium lawn maintenance services will not only enhance your home but will give you valuable time back in your day. You no longer have to worry about how you will fit in maintaining your yard while balancing family, work, and other daily commitments.


With over 68,000 lawn mower injuries happening per year, wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a team of licensed and insured professionals servicing your yard. Our dependable team has the proper equipment and knowledge to make sure every job is done efficiently and safely. We also offer seasonal cleanups, lawn care, power washing, and landscape maintenance. When you combine all the quality services we have to offer, there really is no reason not to get that perfect curb appeal.

Why choose G & G Property Care?

When Gunner Reed started this company, he was determined to grow his business on the core values of hard work, never accept average results and bring a level of service that would far exceed any customer’s expectations. He knows that every job is a direct reflection on that foundation which only inspires him to continue to bring quality lawn maintenance services to the communities of Blue Springs, Independence, and Lees Summit.

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